12 Foot Fetish Websites for Selling Feet Pics

websites to sell feet pics

Although a niche area of the adult industry, many models and content creators are making thousands of dollars by selling their feet pictures. There are a number of avenues online where you can publish, market, and sell your images – whether it’s for stock images, or for those with foot fetishes and fantasies. It all comes down to your preference, and which platform you feel the most comfortable on.


Selling raunchy feet pictures is fun for a lot of people, but others simply want an income stream without the added stress of over working. In saying that, it’s always going to take some extra marketing and effort. Whether you’re looking for a place to sell your content, or you’ve stumbled across this blog and you’re interested in buying some, don’t be afraid to jump onto these websites for a looksie!


12 Foot Fetish Sites: A Guide




Although not vastly known about when it comes to selling feet pictures, eBay is a good place to advertise and sell more than just your unwanted home goods. Ebay is an online marketplace platform that allows adult entertainers to market their foot pics to buyers all around the world – a major audience. There is a small catch, however, of paying $2 per picture, and 5% commission on all sales you make through the platform.




Almost identical to eBay in its business model, offering buyers and sellers a marketplace platform, Whisper is an adult-friendly website that is great for marketing images of feet and making a profit. If you have a smart phone, well maintained feet, and a knack for advertising of sorts, you’ll be on your way. The difference between Whisper and a number of other apps/websites, is the lack of direct messaging. You can only interact in the comments until you’re ready to move onto more personalised forms of contact.




Infamous for its encouragement and support of adult creators, OnlyFans is another major foot fetish website choice. Not only is it great for selling your feet pictures, but it’s a solid platform for adult entertainers of all sorts. Here, fans/subscribers will pay money to access your content and interact with you, however, there is a 20% commission on every sale you make, including the selling of your subscriptions, tips, and any other transaction that is made between yourself and your subscribers.




Like eBay, Etsy is a platform designed for buying and selling - surprisingly, that of any sort and has been dubbed one of the best websites for selling feet pictures. The best part? You are able to set and forget, and cash out your earnings when wanted. When it comes to the fees, Etsy will charge you $0.20 per listing, and keep 6.5% for any feet picture you sell. If you use Etsy payment, you will be charged 3% and a $0.25 fee.




Another platform used for more than we realise, Reddit is an app where you are able to sell your feet pictures. Although a popular forum for adult creators, entertainers, and models – more so for marketing, gaining advice and tips, you can double by advertising your content while also making sales. Here, there are known to feet fetish related subreddits, boasting more than 350k followers collectively. Thanks to its anonymity, it makes a lot easier for you to publicly post about your content, without the stress of anyone finding you, spotting you, or outing you.




Instagram is a well-known social media giant that adult creators heavily use for marketing their content and services. Although it is great for getting the word out, it is also a fabulous platform for genuine sales. Think; pictures, videos, reels, stories etc, that will be exposed to a wide audience (using the right techniques). If you have a knack for social media marketing, you’ll have no problems getting the word out about your content, especially with the right hashtags, posting at the right times, and keeping your content new, fresh, and engaging as often as possible.




Selling your feet pictures on Snapchat is unique in the way that the platform only allows your content to be viewed for 24 hours before disappearing. This allows creators to continuously promote their content every day, to more than 530 million users across the forum. On this platform, you upload your photo or video content to your stories, and charge a specific rate (suitable to you) – something you need to be careful of, though, is that your content does not involve any sexual happenings or it will instantly be flagged and removed.




One of the best foot fetish selling websites, FeetFinder, offers a platform with over half a million users – meaning you have the perfect opportunity to showcase your content to a wide variety of potential customers. There is an opportunity to make an income in two ways on FeetFinder, firstly, by selling albums of your feet, and secondly, by selling subscriptions. In 2021 alone, it was reported that creators made an incredible $90,000 just by selling feet pictures.


Foap app


In the Foap App, users upload images of their feet straight from their iPhones, making it a completely convenient and widely accessible. The only downside to this specific application, is that it is only available to those with an iPhone, as it’s only free to download form the Apple App Store. If you’re someone who is interested in dabbling in the feet picture industry, but you’re not sure where to start, this is a great area to dip your toes into (pun intended).


Personals Sites Like Locanto


Sites such as Locanto are great platforms for finding services and content specific to your preferences. In this case, if you’re someone with a foot fetish, it’s a great place to find a wide variety of feet images and videos to suit your fantasies. Not only are they completely simple to navigate and purchase content, but for the most part there is the opportunity to find content in your area – or on opposite sides of the country. These sites allow you to refine your searches much more than most, meaning if you have a specific flair for foot fetishes, it’s the site for you.


Stock photo sites


You may be familiar with Shutterstock, which is a great site for finding stock images for your marketing solutions. However, much to your surprise, it’s also a great spot to start advertising, selling, and making money on those beautiful feet pictures. Here, you have the opportunity to upload your foot pictures for free and make money whenever someone decides to make a purchase. If you already know about eBay, Foap, Whisper (and others alike) then you’ll find Shutterstock to be easy to navigate. The only difference from this site to others, is that those who purchase your images may be using them for some sort of media.


Extra Lunch Money


Filled with a number of saucy adult content, Extra Lunch Money is a platform where you can sell feet pictures for those with more of a refined fetish. When you jump onto the site, you’ll notice a wide variety of NSFW content, so make sure you’re checking it out discreetly, and privately. If you’re someone looking to post more ‘sensitive’ content or subscribers, this is going to be the perfect platform for it.


ManyVids Photo Sets


ManyVids Photo Sets is a great selling feet pics website – and the greatest aspect of this site is that you can post almost whatever you want (within reason). Here, you’re able to actually upload a collection of photos to sell, almost like a mini album for buyers. Those who purchase your photo sets, are able to immediately download them once the payment has been processed, giving instant access to your content. On ManyVids Photo Sets, you also have the freedom to add an endless stock amount of your content, meaning people can purchase the pictures as much as they want, and they won’t go out of stock.


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