A Quick Guide to Creating an OnlyFans Tip Menu

A Quick Guide to Creating an OnlyFans Tip Menu

Are you an OnlyFans creator looking to boost your earnings on the platform? Create a tip menu. A tip menu is essentially a list of actions or services you’re willing to perform for a certain amount of money, allowing your fans to request personalized content or make specific requests. Here’s a quick guide on how to create an OnlyFans tipping menu.


Identify Your Services

The first step in creating a tipping menu is identifying the services or actions you’re willing to perform for your fans. These can include anything from sending personalized messages and premade videos to chatting and performing specific sexual acts in a video. List all the services you’re willing to offer and how much you want to charge for each. 

When it comes to prices, you can browse through many tipping menus online to see the usual charges for each common service on a tipping menu. But remember that you can set your prices according to your standards and the amount of time and effort needed for a certain type of request. You’re also free to adjust your tipping prices as time goes by. 


Create Your Menu.

Once you’ve identified your services and prices, you’re one step closer to creating your OnlyFans tip menu. You can create a graphic or text-based menu that lists each service and its corresponding price. Use clear and concise language so your fans know exactly what they get for their money. You can also categorize your menu items based on the type of content you offer to make it look more organized. For example, you can divide them into three categories: photos & videos, chatting services, and special requests. 

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Follow Some Tried-and-True Pricing Tips.

As mentioned, you can set your prices in any way you want. Make sure the prices are fair for you and your followers or clients. But how can you effectively show these prices in your tipping menu? Here are some tried-and-true pricing tips you can follow:


  • Use “charm prices”: Prices that end in .99 or .69 are called “charm prices” as they make items more affordable than they truly are. Using “charm prices” is a traditional marketing technique that plays on human psychology. Studies show that prices that end in .99 increase sales by making customers focus on the left digit and believe they are getting a good deal. 

  • Consider price skimming & bundles: Another effective marketing strategy is price skimming, which involves introducing a new product or service at a higher price and gradually reducing it to the desired price. This allows for capitalizing on introducing a new item and eventually making it accessible to more people. Also, don’t forget about offering bundles. Bundling services together is an excellent way to ensure both the customer and the seller get the most out of their transactions.

  • Review Your Tip Menu.


    Before finalizing your tip menu, don’t forget to ask yourself whether you and your clients are getting a fair deal. Are you being paid enough for the service you’re providing? Are your clients getting what they need at a reasonable price? Answering these questions is critical because they can determine the success of your tip menu.


    Promote Your Tip Menu.

    The job doesn’t stop at creating the tip menu—the next step is promoting it! You can include a link to your tip menu in your OnlyFans bio or the captions of your posts. You can also create a post specifically promoting your tip menu, highlighting the services and their prices.

    But don’t limit yourself to just one platform. Use every tool in your arsenal to promote your services. Share it on your Twitter and Instagram accounts as well. By doing this, you’ll reach a larger audience and give people outside your fanbase a glimpse of what you offer. The more exposure you get, the more likely you are to attract new customers and grow your business. So don’t hold back—spread the word and watch your success soar!


    Keep on Adding New Ideas.


    You can add new ideas and services to keep your OnlyFans tip menu fresh and engaging. Pay attention to the requests and feedback you receive from your fans and use that to improve tip menu offerings. You can also experiment with new ideas and see how your fans respond. Here are some ideas for new tip menu offerings to consider:

    • Custom videos: Offer to create a personalized video based on your fan’s specific requests or fantasies.
    • Personalized photos: Offer to take a specific type of photo (e.g., a selfie in a certain outfit) or include a personalized message in the photo.
    • Sexting sessions: Offer to engage in a one-on-one texting session with your fan and exchange explicit messages and photos.
    • Virtual girlfriend experience: Offer to provide a virtual girlfriend experience and interact with your fan as if you are both in a romantic relationship.
    • Fan shoutouts: Give a personalized shoutout to your fan in a video or photo.
    • Dick rating: You can reduce men’s discomfort and satisfy them by giving them a dick rating