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Wesbites For Findom

Exactly what is findom? More so predominantly known as financial domination, or a financial dominatrix, it is a subculture of BDSM. In the world of a financial dominatrix, the submissive is generally a male who is referred to as a paypig, and the dominant? A female, referred to as the findom or a mistress. In this subculture of BDSM, the mistress controls the paypigs finances.

Here, the paypig will give his findom money, to which she uses to dominate him. For men in these submissive situations, seeing an authoritative woman spending their money is a turn on. I know … This actually exists! In the eyes of a paypig, his money has been spent by a beautiful independent and strong woman, while the findom enjoys the sense of control.


OnlyFans Findom & Other Great Platforms

If you’ve been wanting to know how to get into findom, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Nor is finding a paypig – all of the most important fundamentals take time. Especially in the aspects where trust and confidents are involved. These are some of the most imperative things that make up a great relationship between a dominatrix and her submissive.



Thanks to the openness of the OnlyFans platform, and it’s popularity among the adult entertainment industry, it’s a great place for up-and-coming findoms to find their feet. Regardless of where you’re starting out, it may kick off slowly and take time to build momentum, an audience, trust, and more. As we mentioned, finding a suitable paypig isn’t the easiest part – much like a real relationship, the submissive is going to need to feel safe and like they can trust your motives going forward. After all, you ARE an investment.


Rich Meet Beautiful

For younger findoms, the Rich Meet Beautiful website is where you’ll meet a lot of older paypigs with a substantial amount of disposable income. The best part about this is that older men love a beautiful, young woman to put their money towards, and what better way than in the form of a dominatrix and a paypig that’s desperate for his income to be splurged. On this site in particular, you fill in your details to get a guardian (much like a verification), and then have the opportunity to get started with your new paypigs.



FetLife is known very well among the findom and BDSM industries, and with an active community, potential findoms need to work their way up by interacting with other members, and building relationships until you find the perfect paypig to dominate. The best thing about FetLife? For those who want to become a findom, the user base is quite vast, meaning everyone is a lot more supportive than your average human being, and there is greater choice when it comes to finding and matching with a potential submissive.



Known for being one of the oldest existing (and dedicated) findom platforms, Findom.Com has some exciting features for those who take the time to get involved. If you’re finding it hard to secure a paypig, and you’re at a point where you’re desperately searching, this platform is going to be the perfect answer to your prayers. With a huge community of findoms, and an incredible amount of active paypigs, it’s no wonder this website was prime in its earlier years. Oh – and one more perk. It is completely free to use, but paypigs have to follow a system in order to interact with their mistresses.



We get it, Twitter is probably the last platform you’d think would be on the list. However, there is a corner of the social network where findoms and paypigs have created their own community, and successfully partake in the BDSM subcategory. Although it can be done on Twitter, it is going to be relatively difficult for those looking at how to become a findom. You need to understand the psychology of selling yourself on social media in order to find any sort of success or gain some sort of traction – this is also a great platform to promote yourself if you’d rather not conduct your financial domination there.


Trying to find the best findom websites for you takes research and a level of personal comfort. It’s always going to depend on what makes you feel safe and the kind of security/privacy the platforms offer as well. We recommend looking at reviews for each platform you search for, or even asking on relatable forums for adult creators personal experiences.


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