Fanvue - What is it & How to Make Money

Making money on fanvue

With the OnlyFans platform briefly announcing a ban on adult content, creators within the adult entertainment industry quickly realised that their hard work is not indefinite on the site – thus, finding secondary sites and alternative routes to bring in an income through the same source of work. OnlyFans is known for being one of the biggest social sites in the world for content creators, and predominantly, adult creators. But, there are many up-and-coming competitors that are definitely giving OF a run for its money.


In this blog, we’re going to be taking you through a journey of another potential consideration for your adult content creation: Fanvue. Continue reading below for an in depth discussion on what this curious website is, and an informative guide on how you can start earning money on the Fanvue platform.


The Fanvue Review: What is it?


New to the scene, Fanvue is similar to OnlyFans in the sense that it is pitched to content creators of all kinds – not just those in the NSFW realm. Whether you’re a gym junkie, a foodie, a writer or even an influencer, this subscription based platform is just as good – if not better than it’s rival giant, OnlyFans. Thanks to its useful and convenient features along with its well-known passion for supporting adult creators, the platforms demographic boasts largely that of sex workers. The best part? Fanvue has announced that it would never ban adult content, so you don’t have to stress about your content suddenly disappearing one day.


OnlyFans vs Fanvue


Differing Charges


Although these two platforms are vastly similar, Fanvue is quickly outranking its competitor for many reasons – one of the main ones being the difference in what they charge per transaction. For example, whether someone pays you for a subscription or offers a tip, OnlyFans will receive 20% of that payment; however, Fanvue only takes 15% for the first 12 months, meaning you pocked 5% more of a transaction than you would on the OnlyFans website in the initial signup.


Slow Loading Times


Another noticeable difference is the time in which each website takes to load. For example, OnlyFans can take some time to load a video or photo content, which can become frustrating for people if it’s a reoccurring issue. When it comes to Fanvue, though, there have been no reports of consistently slow load times for landing pages – something that OnlyFans founders (or tech/digital marketing support) really need to look into if they want to keep people on their pages for longer.


Identity Verification


Verifying your identity can be tedious work, and OnlyFans don’t make it any easier for their platform of content creators. It can be a hard and frustrating process. To be able to even make money on the OnlyFans platform (or on many platforms for that matter) it is imperative that you verify who you are, to provide reassurance to the site that you are not a robot (or worse). On Fanvue, it isn’t this tricky – all you need to do is upload some important documentation, pop a selfie along with it, and you’re ready to start making bank.


Fast Payment


Fanvue is known for their fast payment solutions, allowing adult creators to find their money in their bank accounts sooner rather than later. There’s nothing worse than completing a job and having to wait days for your wage to finally come through. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that with Fanvue, because you’ll be paid in a matter of minutes as opposed to its counterpart who take upwards of 4-5 days of processing.


Data Leaking


There have been a few instances across the OnlyFans platform of data leaks – the worst part? These leaks included content from other creators on the platform, leaving them in a completely vulnerable state. With Fanvue, your data is protected thanks to modern encryption technology and smarter solution, so that you and your fellow creators no longer have to post with that inkling of stress or anxiety lingering in the back of your head.


How to Make Money


Long story short, these subscription platforms essentially work with the same method. You sign up, and start posting content with the intention of building a community of people that enjoy that content and, in turn, pay for it. Users get to decide whether they want to subscribe to your profile, which allows them to view existing and new content (whether it’s photo or video content) you’re posting.

You, as the creator, keep a chunk of the subscription fees, and Fanvue (or any other subscription platform) will take a percentage of the money as well. Why do they take a cut? Well, it’s to help cover their operating costs as well. On Fanvue, you also have the opportunity to make extra money from subscribers tipping you. Basically, if someone really likes you or wants to show you some extra appreciation, they send you some extra money.

Tips have become a major aspect of earning an income from Fanvue and subscription services alike, and this is because users go out of their way to try to impress a model and show them that they, out of everyone, are a big fan. One of the greatest parts about Fanvue is how personalised it is, which allows you to continue building your community based on engagement that goes both ways. With the ability to privately message your subscribers, you can get to know them in a friendly manner and build up rapport until they’re happy to send some extra dosh.


The Best Part…


Something that makes OnlyFans vs Fanvue vastly different is a feature that allows models to make even more money on the Fanvue platform; the ability to sell individual clips. Subscribers have to pay extra to watch these videos, and once they have paid, the clip is accessible thereafter – they get to watch it as much as they want! Not sure how to sell the clips? Tease. You need to make these clips unique compared to your existing content, with extra saucy captions, playful tones, and something that causes urgency and the need to know more.


Make Your Content Better with Adult Creators Online


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