How Much Can You Make Selling Used Underwear

We’ve all heard of the side hustle that is selling used panties, but have you ever delved further into the money-making career to know exactly what is involved and how the wheels turn? 
How much can you make selling used underwear

We’ve all heard of the side hustle that is selling used panties, but have you ever delved further into the money-making career to know exactly what is involved and how the wheels turn? Something that strikes a lot of curious minds is the fact you don’t have to be involved in the adult industry or even find an interest, to be involved in selling panties and making a profit from them.

Selling used underwear online is a great and anonymous way to make a passive income on the side of a serious job or while you’re looking for work. Or, if you’re simply just wanting to make money casually without the pressure of a 9 to 5 schedule. For OnlyFans creators and adult entertainers alike, it’s a fantastic way to connect with potential subscribers, and make connections within the industry. 

Selling Used Underwear for Profit

If you’ve ever found curiosity in how to sell used panties online and you’ve been interested to learn more about the art itself, let us enlighten you some more. It isn’t as simple as finding a dedicated site and signing up, then publishing your underwear for sale like you would on Facebook Marketplace, no. There is a little more research in order and some fundamentals to understand.


Knowing how to sell used underwear is much like knowing how to sell literally anything on the internet. You need to know how to market your wares, and how to market them well enough that people want to buy them. Believe it or not, it all comes down to sales psychology – so school yourself up!


Where to Sell Used Panties

When it comes to selling your panties online, there are a number of platforms to choose from. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to what site you gravitate towards the most, and feel completely secure and confident in. In saying that, don’t be afraid to do as little or as much digging as you need to beforehand! Generally, platforms for selling your wares will have a membership fee, which means you will need to pay a certain amount each month to be able to advertise your garments to your audience.


Sofia Gray

Known for being one of the leading sites for selling used panties (among other sexy materials) Sofia Gray is a completely accessible platform for those wanting to buy AND sell underwear online. From panties, used naughty toys, and shoes, to socks, pantyhose, and so much more, it’s a platform loved by many thanks to its extensive selections and fabulous models.


Scented Pansy

Specially curated for those in the fetish world of used panties, Scented Pansy is a platform that is dedicated to providing a classy, trustworthy and secure approach to selling used wares to the online panty community. One of the perks of this platform that makes it stand out among the others? It provides a dashboard that lays out your daily earnings, listing boosts, order management, and accessibility to visitor profiles - to name a few.



This specific panty selling platform is utilised like a secondary type of social media platform, but for those with a similar interest – either buying used panties, or selling them. Nevertheless, people will find like-minded individuals on this site, and get to experience passionate customer service and a safe, judgement free environment.


How Much Can You Make Selling Used Underwear?

And so we circle back to the long anticipated question, just how much can a person make by selling used underwear online? It all comes down to the individual. Okay, we know, that isn’t what you wanted to hear. But it’s true. Every person selling used underwear will have a different income stream, which is 100% okay. Some people make only a couple hundred every now and again, some make $15,000, and those who hustle EXTRA hard, can make double or even triple that figure!

Like we said above, it really comes down to how you market your wares, and how well you understand the psychology of selling something. Think you have what it takes to sell used panties? What have you got to lose?


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