How to Get the Checkmark on OnlyFans

Checkmark on Onlyfans

Once you’re finally setup on the OnlyFans platform, your next step is to get the checkmark by verifying yourself. Why? In order to make money, your account needs to be verified – this allows you to set subscription prices and withdraw all of your earnings as well. Without the verification, it won’t work. 

If you’ve ever wondered what the OnlyFans checkmark meaning is, it’s quite simple. In this blog, we will be stepping you through how to successfully verify your account, while discussing its importance. 

What Does the Check Mark Mean on OnlyFans?

The only way you will be able to make money through your OnltFans account is by ensuring that it’s verified. You will need to upload your ID, along with the required documentation to get started. Another aspect of the verification process is adding your social media accounts to the platform, which ensures your subscribers can follow you elsewhere. 

The verification process we discuss below will take about 24 hours if followed correctly. Let’s go!

Find & Click the Verify Button

Once you’ve signed up and logged into your OnlyFans account, navigate the red writing on your home page and click the ‘verified’ button presented in blue. Hitting this link will bring you to a page where you put down your email, which will send you an automated verification request from OnlyFans.

From there, you will be able to click the verification link, and be redirected back to your account page – now, your email will have been verified!

Starting the Verification Process

If you want to know how to get verified on OnlyFans, it wouldn’t happen without the most fundamental step. On your profile page, you have the ability to set your own cover photo, and your profile image, however, and more importantly, this is where you will be taken through the proper verification process. 

Although you are unable to put explicit images as your profile or cover pictures, you have the ability to make then seductive enough to lure in your audience and your subscribers. Even if your account isn’t yet verified, you can still do this. 

Continue Setting Up Your Account

After uploading the images, you will then need to choose an authentic username for your account, and a name that allows your subscribers to find you on the OnlyFans platform. Once that has been sorted and you finally have a designated name, you then need to add a bank account. This is where you will add your subscription prices for your profile as well. 

If you decide you don’t want to add your bank details, you will not be able to set your own prices, your ‘about me’ information, or anything else. It must be done beforehand to ensure you can move forward with the process. If you have trouble finding the right page, click here!

Filling Out the Important Stuff

On this same page, you are required to fill in more important information about yourself to ensure the OnlyFans blue check mark can happen with ease. You must ensure there are no errors or incorrect information as this will hinder your ability to receive a blue checkmark on your account. You need to fill out:

  • Your legal name
  • Your address: 
    • City & zip/postal code
  • Your Instagram & Twitter accounts
  • Upload a photo for ID
    • Drivers licence or passport

Photo Identification

Once you’ve spent time going over the important information and filling everything in, you will need to upload another photo that shows your face, along with the same photo ID you chose in the previous step. Now for the explicit content part. If you’re planning on posting adult style content on your OnlyFans account, there will be a little checkbox for you to tick that confirms with the platform that you will be publishing explicit content. 

Once you submit your form full of important information, you will be redirected to a page that confirms the receipt of your OnlyFans verification application; the verification process will generally take between 24 and 48 hours.

Explore the Platform

Now all you have to do is wait! While you’re anticipating the blue verification tick, take a look around your dashboard to get more familiar with the features and navigations. The more familiar you are with the platform, the more streamlined it’ll become for you and you will be able to make your subscribers feel a lot more comfortable thanks to your confidence along with the user friendly experience your page will create. 

So, what does verified on OnlyFans mean for creators? It means you’re able to set your subscription prices and finally make, and withdraw money from your profile! Now, get verified and start posting that spicy content for all of your dedicated subscribers. 

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