How to Promote Onlyfans on TikTok

We’ve all heard of TikTok. Even if it’s a platform you don’t mindlessly scroll through in your own personal time, it’s no secret that this social giant has completely boomed in popularity over the last few years.
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Not sold? TikTok has now surpassed both Facebook AND Google as the most visited sites on the internet. And the internet is a vast place.

Not only is this a place for creative people to showcase their talents, but it’s one of the most popular platforms for adult creators – both to promote their content and make money for their content. The question is, can you promote Onlyfans on TikTok? That’s what we’re here to discuss.


How to Promote Onlyfans on TikTok


TikTok is known for being one of the most lucrative social media platforms, though, if you’re not sure what you’re doing you could quickly become shadow banned; or worse yet, banned all together. The trick? Being discreet.


Stay Up-To-Date with Trends


Although you aren’t necessarily on TikTok to use it the same way everyone else is, you can still get involved with trending sounds and creative types to promote your content. In fact, this is one of the best ways to make a name for yourself on the platform. Any and all trending sounds are a great way to get your content circulating around the app, followed by using hashtags the right way, and interacting with engaged audiences as soon as they have commented on your videos.


Utilise Cryptic Hashtags


Something to keep in mind is utilising very cryptic types of hashtags. For example, a lot of TikTokers with Onlyfans use vague hashtags such as:

  • #accountant
  • #of
  • #bikini
  • #model
  • And more

The Way You Dress


One of the main fundamentals of promoting yourself properly on TikTok is how you dress. This is something that will either make or break your presence on the platform – its either a one way ticket to being banned, or can boost your OF subs! At the end of the day, the way you dress on your Onlyfans profile will become a part of your brand, which is what you’re going to want to showcase (somehow) on other platforms.

Because of TikToks strict guidelines, try to avoid showing too much of your goods in any one shot, and more so use that as a teaser to get people to click on your profile and then, in turn, hit your Onlyfans link or other linking funnel to get to your OF profile.


Use LinkTree or TapLink


Once you have your TikTok content sorted out, you’re going to need to find a way to promote multiple links in your profile. One way to add your Onlyfans link to your TikTok profile is by creating a LinkTree or a TapLink – where you can put any sort of URL, whether it’s your OF, other social media platforms, and even additional adult entertainment profiles where you may profit. Onlyfans subs from TikTok will easily find their way to your juicy profile, but don’t forget; always create a call to action in your video descriptions i.e. “hit the link in my bio to see more ;)” or "Links on IG". This link should be on Instagram only. Input your Instagram details to Tiktok so the clickable IG button is visible, this will cause fewer bans. 


Ban Trolls Immediately


Something that comes with being on social media, is dealing with trolls. Interacting with troll accounts on TIkTok, as an OF creator, will throw you right in the slammer. The second you see any of these comments, you’re going to want to ban them as soon as possible. This goes for children as well. Any interaction with these sorts of profiles will cause a number of problems for your account. Well, it will just get you banned – that’s what we’re trying to avoid.


Posting TikTok NSFW Content


Okay, so you still want to know how to avoid getting banned when posting spicy content. We get it… You’re posting content that’s getting removed, but you scroll through the app and see NSFW content anyway. Why is this happening?

Majority of the TikTok platform is moderated by AI and mass reports. Meaning it’s going to be a little tricky to post your steamy content without your profile automatically being banned or flagged for going against the community guidelines. In order to avoid this, you need to work out how to post your content in the most discreet and cryptic way possible that it evades the AI. Another helpful thing is building a community on TikTok that genuinely enjoy your content and don’t make a mockery out of you. People who don’t want to delete your profile will be an asset in keeping the profile from being taken down.


TikToker with Onlyfans


There are a number of creators that post teasers for their OnlyFans on TikTok without getting banned, it all comes down to how tedious they are with what they’re posting, and what the focus is generally on in the clip. Not only that, but the use of hashtags also plays a major role, and the number of supportive comments over critical/trolling engagement that would otherwise make you a target.


Some popular TikTok stars that double as successful OnlyFans creators, and are worth looking more into include:

  • babybelladiaz
  • riley_redd
  • karaxaen
  • Amouranth
  • judy_daiquiri


The list of TikTok OnlyFans stars is forever expanding. Much like any other social media platform, it takes trial and error to know what sort of saucy content you can get away with posting in order to promote your adult content on separate platforms. One word of advice that we consider to be one of the most important factors; create a secondary TikTok profile. Whether you use this to test what kind of content is okay to post on the platform, or to have as a backup should your main profile be banned, it’s the best solution for retaining your following base in case of the worst case scenario.


Adult Creators Online

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