How to Promote Onlyfans on Twitter

Promote onlyfans on twitter

With over 350 million users, Twitter is yet another major social media platform where you have the ability to (strategically) showcase and promote your OnlyFans profile. Out of all the social media giants, this is probably one of the more active platforms for adult entertainers across a variety of explicit subscription sites. For the most part, social media can be tricky to promote any sort of explicit content on, and models have learned that you need to essentially get a little creative in the way they promote their content and services.


Thankfully, Twitter is widely respected for its allowance of adult content and is a major reason as to why top OnlyFans creators use twitter actively over other platforms. It’s noted as being one of the easiest and more preferred options for creators trying to make their mark throughout the adult industry. Interested in learning how you can promote your OnlyFans content on Twitter? Keep reading our informative guide below for the tricks.


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How to Promote OnlyFans on Twitter


For platforms like Instagram and TikTok, there are strict community guidelines that users must follow in order to remain ‘safe’ from having their accounts banned or their content flagged, and although Twitter has adopted its own guidelines, they’ve made themselves a little more lenient. Yes, your account can be banned on Twitter if you go against the social giants policies, but there are a number of ways that you can still post your explicit content without the stress of potentially having your stuff removed, or your account permanently deleted. This has paved the way for so many OnlyFans creators to swiftly promote their hot content, with a community of models coming together on the platform for the same reasons.


Be Discovered Easily


Once you’re ready to start promoting your OF on your Twitter account, the best thing to do is interact with other creators and audiences that are in the same field – the adult industry. This is one of the most simplest steps, as there is a widely active community of adult models promoting themselves on Twitter, who have gained an even wider audience of supporters. At the end of the day, you’re here to get noticed and built your own network, interacting in the comments of other creators, or simply retweeting or quoting their tweets, is going to do a lot of favours. It’s the best way to funnel potential subscribers to your OnlyFans account as well.


Be Consistent


As if you were a creator in any other industry, the trick is to remain consistent with posting your content. This is going to be one of, if not the most, important fundamental for you as an adult creator. Consistency shows that you’re dedicated to your craft, and that you truly have a passion for the content you’re creating and posting. It also shows your audience that you’re committed, which is what they’re going to gravitate towards (among other things… Obviously).


Don’t Be Afraid of Video


Something that has proven to be a popular form of content across Twitter are videos. Although photo content is great, people love to interact and engage with a saucy video – especially ones that are in the form of a POV, or that look like you’re directly interacting with the viewer of the video. The best part about this is that you can still remain discreet, if that’s your vibe, while also creating an engaging, hot video. You can also get completely creative if that’s something you’re more interested in, and what you pride yourself on across OnlyFans. There’s room for everything in video.


Hashtags in the Interim


The algorithm across social media is forever changing, and although some may not endorse using hashtags as often anymore, it is a great way to get your OnlyFans Twitter account up and running on the platform. There are a number of simple adult focused hashtags that you can use, which we have touched on in one of our previous blogs, which is going to help you boost your visibility, and help your profile against Twitters algorithm. 


Why is Twitter Better to Promote OnlyFans?


Because Twitter allows creators to explicitly market their adult content and profiles, the platform has seen a major influx in NSFW content across all aspects. Why is this important? Because OnlyFans creators (and adult creators from other entertainment and subscription websites) put so much effort into their content and promotions, with a lot of social media giants instantly banning any accounts of the kind.


To ensure you’re being absolutely safe on the platform, you still need to comply with Twitters NSFW policies and procedures (which are updated regularly, so keep your eyes out). You can do this by going to your settings, heading to “Privacy and Safety”, then navigating the “Your Tweets” option, which presents you with a checkbox, letting you confirm that the material you are posting is considered ‘sensitive’. What you need to be careful of promoting adult content in areas highly visible such as:


  • Live videos
  • Profiles
  • Headers
  • List banner images
  • Community cover photos


If this is something you’re going to do, you need to ensure your profile is marked as sensitive. Without taking the necessary steps, you do run the risk of having your content and profile breached by Twitter, and thus, your content or profile permanently deleted.


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