How to Sell Feet Pictures on FeetFinder

Selling on Feetfinder

If you’ve ever considered selling feet pictures online, or even wondered what the income stream is like for something like this, the FeetFinder app is where all your questions will be answered. Okay, so we know there are people out there in the world with foot fetishes and we’d even go so far as to say you’ve probably come across someone on the internet – even at a glimpse – that likes feet. Well, it can be a real job for some people. 

So, what is FeetFinder? FeetFinder is a platform where people can buy AND sell foot pictures (and videos) for reasonable prices. Whether you’re a lover of feet, or you think you have nice enough feet to be able to sell your own content, it’s a great place to get started, and one of the only legitimate platforms around for this sort of thing. If you’re wondering, is FeetFinder worth it? We’ll tell you in this blog. 

How Does FeetFinder Work?

Basically, and like any other platform, users can sign up to FeetFinder and make their own account – here, users will be asked whether they are signing up as a buyer or a seller. Pick you poison! From there, you will fill out some generic information about yourself, before moving onto the verification process. 

Now, one of the good things about FeetFinder is that users need to be verified using a government issued ID to prove that they are real people and not bots. You may be wondering if this platform is free to use. Although it’s not, there are tiers of subscription prices that you can choose between, starting from $2.99 a month! 

How to make money on FeetFinder

Once you have created your account (as a seller), and you are verified as a user, you are able to start uploading your content! If you’re wondering where to do this, you will find the option on your ‘My Content’ page on the app. Like many other platforms, there are no restrictions to how much content you can upload to FeetFinder – though, you do need to be conscious of the size of the images you’re wanting to upload, as the app only allows images of no more than 1GB (and no videos over 10 minutes long). 

Now, you can finally start making FeetFinder income! It’s quite simple and easy to get your account ready, but it’s then up to you as to what kind of content you will create, and what you’re comfortable with posting for potential buyers. 

How Much Can You Make on FeetFinder?

On FeetFinder, you have the freedom to price your content the way you want! From as low as $10, to over $50, it really depends on your content, the time it takes to create it, and how in-demand you are as a foot model. One thing to keep in the back of your mind is that FeetFinder does take a 20% commission of all sales. 

And, if you’re a featured model on the app, more people are going to see your profile which means (for the most part) more users are going to see your content and make a purchase. So it’s always beneficial to put some love and care into the images or videos you’re creating! After all, you want people to enjoy your beautiful feet. 

Still Unsure?

If you’re still unsure about the site, and you’d prefer to read a FeetFinder review or two, doing additional research will be beneficial for you. Selling feet images is extremely subjective, and only something you should do if you’re 100% comfortable with it. Although this app is known for being one of the most legitimate platforms online for buying and selling of feet images, a little more Googling never hurt anybody. 

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