How to Use OnlyFans Logo to Promote Your Content

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When it comes to promoting and marketing your OnlyFans content, you have the ability to use OnlyFans logos to ensure your content is watermarked in case of unauthorised reposting. If you’re wanting to know how to use the OnlyFans logo to promo your adult content, keep reading below. 

OnlyFans Logo Template & How to Use

More often than not, people on the internet are going to be familiar with the OnlyFans logo, because it is a key element to their brand and identity. When using the OnlyFans logo for your own content marketing, you must ensure it isn’t being altered whatsoever. If you’re wanting to get hold of the logo for yourself, you are able to contact the OnlyFans marketing team. 

Ensure Legibility

In order to do this you must always keep a clear space around the logo you’re using. This is used as an isolation technique so that any competing graphics or colours in the image don’t become overcrowded, or take away from the logos purpose. The minimum clear space in question is defined as the height of the lock within the logo, and should be maintained as the logo is proportionately resized. 

When using the lock icon it should be ¼ of the size for adequate surrounding space. 

Social Media Icons

When you’re creating promotional social media assets, and you’re wanting to put an array of social icons on your image, you’re allowed to add the OnlyFans logo as long as it is either blue or white. The icon must also be displayed at an equal size and height to any and all of the other social media icons you’re using. 

White: If you’re using the white logo, keep in mind that the background colour can be set to any other colour. Generally, OnlyFans will want you to use a logo that is free of a container, but will allow creators to use one anyway. 

Misusing the OnlyFans Logos

There are additional rules that OnlyFans requires creators to follow when it comes to using their logo for promotions, such as: 

  • Only show the logo in black/white or blue
  • Do not alter, rotate, or modify the logo in any way
  • Follow the clear space guidelines listed on their website
  • Do not use an OnlyFans logo font generator for promotions

OnlyFans have asked creators to ever use the OnlyFans logo font or icons as their own and to never incorporate the OnlyFans marks, in whole or in part, in the name of a company, product, service, website, domain name, application, or website. 

OnlyFans Watermarks: Do’s & Don’t’s

When placing the OnlyFans logo on any image, always use the white logo version. For images with a light background, we suggest applying a 12-25% black tint to the image to maintain legibility of the white logo. The most important thing to note, is do NOT create an OnlyFans new logo

Things OnlyFans have asked creators not to do:

  • Use brand elements in a way that suggests/implies a partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement by OnlyFans. 
  • Incorporate OnlyFans brand elements, or anything confusingly similar, into your own trademark, logo, product or service name, domain name, or username. 
  • Alter any part of the OnlyFans brand elements whatsoever
  • Copy the OnlyFans look and feel, including imitation of the OnlyFans interface. 
  • Feature OnlyFans brand elements in connection with illegal activity or other material that violates their Terms of Service

Image Backgrounds & Branding

When using the OnlyFans branding on photographic backgrounds, it’s imperative that there isn’t anything within the image that could potentially obstruct how the logo looks. Generally, OnlyFans themselves have said creators need to exercise this with care, and that more often than not, you will be able to user the solid white logo at the top of a background image. 


  • Photos with shallow depths-of-field generally work best 
  • Avoid using any busy images with too much detail included
  • Applying a darker transparency overlay on an image makes text more readable

At Adult Creators Online, we have gathered an array of helpful information along with guides that are there to boost not only your OnlyFans profile, but your knowledge on the proper and legible use of their logo. With informative blogs and exceptional content ideas on our website, your OnlyFans profile will be elevated in no time. 

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